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The National Company abandons its studio and creates CITY IN DANCE, a festival in which dance and architecture come together in the streets and emblematic sites of Santo Domingo's Colonial City. The initial surprise of the passers-by soon makes empathy with that different art, and they join the dancers in the manifestation of joy. In the Christopher Colombus Park a human river flows that vibrates with the movements of the dancers, incorporates itself, imitates them, and forms their collective dance. To the astonishment of the Columbus statue, a spectacle of these times develops, but he does not manage to understand. 

-Fachada de Casa de Teatro día 13 de noviembre a las 10 PM

-Parque Duarte días 14 y 27 de noviembre a las 10 PM 
-Colmado de Arzobispo Meriño con Arzobispo Portes. Días 21 y 28 de Noviembre a las 10 PM,  en el que se presentará una intervención , dirigida por Marianela Boán, basada en la novela La breve y maravillosa vida de Óscar Wao del escritor Junot Díaz.


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