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Talleres  y cursos que imparte

Marianela Boán



Virtual workshop of improvisation and choreo-video 


This workshop explores through improvisation and choreo-videography construction, the transformation of the body and the space in the confinement, dancing with the camera amid the constrained environment, to transform it, and transform us.
Taller virtual de improvisación y Coreo-video

Este taller explora a través de la improvisación y la construcción video-coreográfica, la transformación del cuerpo y el espacio en el confinamiento, bailando con la cámara y el entorno obligado, para transformarlo y transformarnos. 

Interdisciplinary creation workshop


This workshop explores the organic coexistence of movement, video image, and theatrical action from training to dramaturgical construction, the need to expand expressive capacity beyond our usual performative vocabulary, and how this inclusion/expansion influences nature and structure. of the performance.


Contaminated dance workshop


Improvisation and choreographic creation workshop that explores improvisation strategies and research methods typical of Marianela Boán's aesthetic assumptions, in which movement is the basis of expression open to other expressive genres and channels.

The management of meaning and dramaturgy in choreographic construction. The role of intuition and chance during the creation process, seen as a strategy for surprise.


Choreographic construction workshop


This workshop is based on prismatic investigation and performance text or spectacular text to analyze and experience the process of creation and choreographic construction with a focus on structure and dramaturgy.


Composition, Improvisation and Dramaturgy Course


The following improvisation-composition and dramaturgy teaching program is divided into three phases:


I- contact Improvisation

II- Movement parameters

III- Creative process


Elements of one phase appear constantly in others at different levels of importance, like a great fabric in which all are essential in each phase.


I- Improvisation of contact


"The body thinks." Give more space to the initiative of the body in improvisation.

Find an attitude in improvisation that allows you to surprise yourself.

Build confidence in yourself and the other

Open all expressive channels

Look for the own tendency of movement from purely physical stimuli

Contact improvisation as a way of self-knowledge and a strategy for surprise


II- The parameters of movement: design-time-dynamics-space. Knowledge of each parameter separately.


Shape or design: Line-volume, symmetry-asymmetry, curve-straight. Behavior of the form in different formats: solo, duo, trio, group.

Time: Speed, crescendo-decrescendo, pulse, rhythm, timing.

Dynamics: Different types of dynamics: Bound, attacked, contained, shaken, broken, bounced, pendulous, vibrating, sustained.

  Space: Study of the natural laws of the scenic space: strong points-weak points, strong areas-weak areas. The routes: frontal, diagonal, lateral, circles. The behavior of the body design on every ride. General space-partial space.

The phrase: minimum unit of "meaning" in the sequence of movements. The climax within the sentence.


III- Creation process:


The creation of a strategy for surprise in balance with the search for a specific result.

From chance to consciousness

From random awareness to awareness

The creator as stimulator and observer

Structure awareness

Use of text

Use of the object

The imaginary, the capacity for abstraction or estrangement.

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