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My father Angel Boán was the first correspondent for Prensa Latina in Algeria in the early 1960s. I lived there with him, my mother Iraida Montalvo and my brother Fernando Boán. The press office with all the teletypes working non-stop was inside my house.

One day I was dressed in my tergal pleated skirt, and we went to the airport. A brigade of Cuban doctors was arriving to tour Africa with Che Guevara in charge, and my father was to report the visit.

It was very exciting for me to go to the airport to meet this important character that I did not know who he was. A few weeks later

my father dies following Che's journey through Africa, and it is Che who comforts us from the pain of his death.

But that is not the story. The story is that recently watching a Netflix documentary called "The Cuba Libre Story" I suddenly see my father enter the camera on the day of Che's arrival at the Algiers airport, who advances behind him smiling with his cameras hanging on the chest, while Che and Ben Bella greet each other.

I have not seen my father moving since I was nine years old! It was a real emotional shock that repeats itself every time I see it.

Today, to pay tribute to him, I publish the moment of the documentary in which he appears.

I always looked for my father in every love, and looking for him I finally found 27 years ago, the best version of him; my Alejandro Aguilar, my great treasure; from Camagüey, dignified, brilliant and adventurous as my daddy, and above all a great father.

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